Jerry Smith, Jr. - Principal

    Welcome to the Lion’s Den where it is always a good day to be a Luella Lion. 

    On Friday, May 27, we graduated 254 Lions - Proud Lions! And, on July 24, we graduated an additional 8 Lions. Based on the number of students in the senior class, this means that we graduated over 95% of the members of the senior class. Certainly, it was a proud day for The Lion's Den. 

    However, we will continue to work to graduate the 5% remaining members of the Class of 2016 so that we can realize our mission: Luella High School will graduate each student: college, career and life ready

    As we have begun our 2016 – 2017 school year, we are in the second year of our Personalized Learning initiative as we endeavor in all of our work to offer each student the best possible education. We approach this new school year, knowing that we must maintain our 2 primary focus points:

    • Raising the level of rigor for each of our students
      • Appropriate for each student's current skill set and knowledge base.
    • Continuing to develop strong, healthy relationships across The Lion’s Den among teachers and students and staff members among staff members.

    I invite you to review our Plan – On – A – Page. In a single sheet, it provides a summary of “what we are about."

     2016 - 17 Plan On A Page

    Our most recent graduates furthered their Lion legacy by completing the annual senior survey.  It is vital to me that our graduates know that we value their input, and that we do LISTEN to what they said. I invite you to view the slideshow that is attached. I believe these results speak clearly from and for the members of the Class of 2016.

     Class of 2016 Senior Survey Results 

    With our eyes to 2016 – 2017, we also carefully review and analyze results from various assessments from last school year. Those provide a metric that helps us make some decisions about how effective our instructional experiences were and helps us understand needed changes in our instructional plan to further the success of all of our students.

    • Our scores on the Georgia Milestones End-Of-Course tests saw increases in the percentage of students scoring 3 (Proficient Learner) or 4 (Distinguished Learner) in 6 out of 8 tests from SY 2015 to SY 2016.

     End Of Course test comparisons

    As I have historical comparisons for our Advanced Placement scores, SAT and ACT scores, I’ll relay those as well.

    The script that is the history of Luella High School continues to grow with successes, failures, jubilation, distress, and all those other myriad of emotions that make a high school a wonderful, albeit challenging, house of education.

    Indeed, it continues to be a good time to be a Luella Lion!

    Go Lions!

    Jerry Smith

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