Remote Learning begins Monday, March 16th.  Students will have assignments and activities in their Google Classroom.  Please contact me for any questions or concerns.

    Angela Ross aross@henry.k12.ga.us        

    Gifted Support Teacher

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    Glad to be BACK!!  In the fall of 1977, I entered Smith Barnes as an awkward and bubbly fifth grader.  At that time Smith Barnes was the middle school (5th and 6th grades) for this area.   I remember my two years at Smith Barnes fondly. Some of favorite memories include four square, square dancing, and the annual talent show.  My teachers made me work hard, think, and create.   They told me I was capable of great things.  Now years later... here I am, the gifted collaborative teacher! I love being back in this space.  While the building has changed a lot, I am proud to say one thing remains the same.  The faculty and staff are the best.  We make students work hard, think, and create.  We tell them that they are capable of great things.  Here's to a GREAT year!