2016 Basketball Try-out Information

    Boys dates: November 9th -11th

    4:00 to 5:50

    Girls start date: November 1st

    4:00 to 5:50

    Items needed BEFORE trying out:

    1.        A completed Physical Examination Form

             2.        A completed Insurance Waiver and Permission Form**


    3.         You must have passed 5 out of 6 classes the previous semester

       4.          Must maintain passing grades to participate 

    There will be a $40 athletic participation fee for all who make the team.

    Any questions please call Coach Williams (boys) Coach Brown (girls) (770)515-7500

                          **Forms found on athletic webpage**


    Practice for basketball is daily (Mon – Fri). There will be an early practice 4:20 – 5:50 and late practice 5:50 – 7:20 Players must be gone by 7:30. Players will be expected to be at games and practices everyday unless absent from school or during holidays if she is out of town. The girls and boys teams alternate each week having early or late practice. There will be study hall for homework if the player stays after school in the health room. It is important that you bring food to eat if you have the late practice since you will not get home until after 7:30 pm.

    Discipline: Discipline problems will not be tolerated on our basketball teams. We expect all players to represent Dutchtown Middle in an honorable way. Players will be given a consequence such as running or pushing carpet squares if they choose to break school rules and may be benched or removed from the team.

Last Modified on October 6, 2016