• Hello.  My name is Lance Brooking.  I am the Engineering Teacher here at Woodland High School.  I can be reached at lbrooking@henry.k12.ga.us.
    First off, a message to you:
    If you are a parent, THANKS!  Woodland Parents are involved, have high expectations, and are fair.  You make the Woodland community Great.  
    If you are a student, THANKS!  You are why I am here.   The WolfPack has impressed me since its inception.  Keep up the great work!
    If you are a fellow WolfPack Adult, THANKS!  Woodland should be the model for how a staff and faculty engage each other.
    If you are anybody else, take notice.  We are Woodland!  And, we are BetterTogether!
    For a little information about me, select Teacher Bio.
    For information about the different classes I facilitate, please select the course below.  Also check out the clubs I help sponsor.