• FVE PE Fall 2020
    Teacher Name: Rob Abbott
    School Email Address: george.abbott@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subject: Physical Education
    Hello Parents and Students,
    I am looking forward to seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones.
    Check below for your class' PE day and time.
    For your PE time your student will need to go the the PE google class inside of their homeroom teachers google classroom. They will recieve a nickname to access the google meets. You can find additional PE resources inside the PE classroom - look at the FVE PE Main google slide.
    PE should be fun for kids, they already have a lot of pressure on them. PE will be a time for kids to move around and enjoy themselves. It should be stress free and developing healthy habits can relieve stress. 
    Unfortunately I cannot provide a gym, equipment, teamates or opponents - so I want you to start thinking thest things prior to PE...
    1. Space - find a safe area where you can move around without fear of getting injured or breaking stuff
    2. Equipment - lots of the equipment we will use in the skills portion in PE will be around the house items, but you will have the option of using alternative equipment that can be found at your house
    3. Partners - I can't provide a teamate or opponent so if you want to, think about if a friend or family member that would  like to participate
    4. PE Schedule:
    Time M T W Th F
    830-910 Howard Johnson Crump Edgerton Forte
    915-955 Planning Dorkins Osborne Thomas Marshall
    10-1050 Lee Harper Planning Planning Drummond
    1155-1240 Daniel Gaston Gomez   Planning
    1245-130 Planning Allen Feloss Huffman Jones
    135-215 Kincer Jackson Smith Stamps  
    During PE we are going to get off the screen and moving. Let's Get To Work!
    FVE PE Main - excellent resources if you missed class, prefer a different option, or want some additional activites. These slides will change from week to week and will guide PE instruction.
    PK-5 PE Exit Ticket - After PE class PK-5 students are asked to complete an exit ticket. Exit tickets are optional for K-2 students but required for 3-5 students

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.


    Thank you!

         -Coach Abbott




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