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    Teacher Name: Cassandra Norsworthy
    School Email Address: Cassandra.Norsworthy@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: Advanced Engineering Instructional Focus, 6th Grade Business & Computer Science, 7th Grade Engineering Invention & Innovation, and 8th Grade Engineering Technological Systems 
    My name is Mrs. Norsworthy and I am thrilled to be Ola Middle School's Business Technology and Engineering Teacher. I live in Ola with my husband Steven, my daughter Jessie, my son Alex, my son Trey, and an irritable old cat named Bonnie. My hobbies are spending time with my family, reading (I LOVE fantasy, sci-fi, and comics), playing board games, and occasionally going to conventions.
    I first got my start in engineering and technology as a hobby. I became interested in engineering and technology as a child when I wanted to take apart all of the small appliances in my house just to see how they worked. As an adult, I learned that there were other people like me that are called Makers and as a teacher, I learned about MakerEd for students. For more information, check out http://makered.org/ or http://makezine.com/tag/makers/.
    In our class we will attempt to do a lot of the cool stuff that I always wanted to do as a kid, but never got the chance; such as taking apart toys or machines to see how they work (and trying to put them back together), designing websites and apps and video games (and playing with them), building model rockets and cars (and possibly wrecking them), building bridges (and definitely wrecking them), and any other cool engineering or technology related experiments that we can come up with**.
    Our class is a hands-on project-based awesome learning adventure (in my humble opinion) and I am excited to have you join us!
    **Suggestions encouraged. Seriously. If you see a cool YouTube video or article of someone making something cool, share it with us.