• Welcome to Science

    My name is Mack Majors and I will be your teacher for Science for this upcoming year.  I am from Stockbridge, Georgia and have a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Georgia Southern University.  HAIL SOUTHERN!  I will be teaching Physics, Environmental Science, and Chemistry.
    The best way to reach me is my school email: richard.majors@henry.k12.ga.us.
    My room is located on the 200 hall all the way at the end of the school in room 228.  We will be using Google Classroom as the classwork platform this year.  Environmental science will take all major unit tests on Illuminate and Physic's and Chemistry will be taking pencil paper tests and quizzes.  
    Weekly Schedule: 
    1st Period - Chemistry 
    2nd Period - Environmental Science  
    3rd Period - Planning
    4th Period - Environmental Science
    5th Period - Physics
    6th Period - Chemistry
    7th Period - Environmental Science