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    Teacher Name:  Tina Buchanan

    School email address:  tina.buchanan@henry.k12.ga.us

    Subjects I teach:  Math, Social Studies, Reading/ELA, and Science

    School Hours:  7:45 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.


    Welcome to Mrs. Buchanan's 4th grade home page!  
     Welcome to our class website!  I am so excited to be your child’s 4th grade teacher this year!  Please be sure to check back here often for the most recent updates.  Check out the links to the left of this page and the Parent Information Packet (sent home at Open House) for additional resources and information.  

    The OWL Binder and Agenda

    In 4th grade we will be using an "O.W.L." Folder/Binder. (Organized While Learning).  This binder will provide information and student work to help inform you as parents and allow you to see some of the great things we are doing in class.  This binder should be kept clean, shown to you and emptied each night, and returned with your child each day to school.  Inside this binder will be your child's agenda.  Behavior points and additional notes (as needed) will be written in your child's agenda each day.  It is the student's responsibility to write down homework in their agenda each day.  Please be sure to check and initial your child's agenda each day to verify that you have checked their binder and viewed their behavior points for the day. 

    The Thursday folder

    Students will receive a Thursday folder every week that will contain important information from New Hope and myself.  Please be sure to empty the contents of this folder and return any papers that need to be signed with the folder on Friday morning.  

    As we approach this new school year, here are some helpful ways to help your child be successful in 4th grade: 

    • Get a good night's rest!  To maximize their learning potential, please encourage them to go to bed early.  
    • Provide a healthy snack for your child.  If you would like to provide a snack for your child each day, please be sure it is not a messy snack (preferrably a healthy one too).  We will have a "working snack time" in the morning before lunch time.  Therefore, all snacks must be "neat" snacks (not messy), may not be something they eat with utensils, contain juices or liquid, and should not contain peanut butter (due to food allergies in the classroom).  Students may bring in a waterbottle, but it must be clear or see through plastic only.  Water will only be permitted in the classroom throught the school day (additional flavored packets may not be added).  If your child prefers another type of beverage, they may store it in their lunch box/bag to bring with them to lunch.  Please note that the school does not provide snacks at this time. 
    • Come prepared! Students should come prepared daily with all needed supplies and materials ready to learn and participate.  This includes their OWL binder (with agenda signed).  Please return all forms and/or money as soon as possible when these item requests are sent home.

    Specials and Lunch Time:

    Monday (Day 1)- P.E. (Please wear sneakers.)

    Tuesday (Day 2)- Music 

    Wednesday (Day 3)- Service Learning Lab

    Thursday (Day 4)- Art

    Friday (Day 5)- Creative Movement Lab

    *Our current lunch time is 11:24- 11:54p.m..  If you come to eat lunch with your child, please check into the office before joining us in the cafeteria.  You may only eat with your child on the stage.  NEW POLICY THIS YEAR (Per NHE):  We will no longer allow parents to bring in cupcakes, cookie cakes, etc. for the whole class during lunch or in the classroom due to increasing concerns with food allergies.  Thank you for your understanding.


    200  Wish List Items for the Classroom!

    Copy paper

    Colored Copy Paper

    Hand soap

                                                                                                                Hand sanitizer

    Clorox Wipes

    Baby wipes (unscented)

    Page Protectors

    Card Stock



    All Other Updates

    Don't forget to sign up for Class Dojo (for behavior) and Remind 101 for other updates and reminders I will be sending out throughout the year. Please also check out our Newsletter link and class website for all other upcoming and important information.

    Thank you for supporting me and your son/daughter on their educational journey.  I look forward to a great year ahead!


    Mrs. Buchanan