About Me:

    My name is Catherine Nale and I teach Advanced Advanced and Statistical Reasoning. This is my fourth year at Hampton High School and I love my school. I began my journery as an educator at Hampton Middle School where I taught for three years prior to coming to Hampton High Sschool.

    Message to Students 

    High School is an exciting time filled with new adventures and friends. It is also a time to begin learning personal responsibility. Students, if you are absent, it is your responsibility to come talk to me to find out what you missed and what assignments you need to make up. It is also your responsibility to make the effort to get extra help when you need it.

    One way to help establish personal responsibility is by checking your grade on Infinite Campus at least once a week. If your grade starts to slip, make an appointment with me to see what can be done to help. I am here for you!

    This year we are going to continue to work hard, achieve goals, learn math, and most of all, have fun! Please feel free to email me at catherine.nale@henry.k12.ga.us if you have any questions or concerns.

    I am looking forward to the exciting times to come!