• Welcome to our class! 
    Teacher Name: Bailey Stewart   
    School Email Address: bailey.stewart@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: First Grade 

     March 30-April 3 is Digital Learning Spirit Week! 

    Spirit Week


    Hello Parents,

               As you know, we will be out of school until April 24th! Through this site I will provide you with "Lesson Plans" and learning resources to use with the kids. I will also try to provide examples of work activities. Please help your child keep track of all their work by helping them organize. You can have them create a work box from an old cereal box or shoe box. Decorate it, be creative and have fun! A simple gallon bag or grocery bag will work too. Put it in a specific place so they can always find what they need to learn. The guidelines given are to help maintain routine and constructive thinking. All work efforts will be collected once we return to school. 

              I will be available each day from 8am-3pm. Please feel free to contact me through my school email. Please check this website daily for new things posted and important information. There are a lot of links posted. Most of them are extra resources that we want to help with. The "required" activities are on the lesson plan format. 


    Here is a letter reviewing the expectations for the upcoming weeks. Learning at home letter