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    Week of March 16th
    In this video the students will be challenged to create sketchbooks.
    Week of March 23rd
    Students add to their knowledge and demonstrate how to create depth in a drawing/painting.  Please join the Google classroom for a link to turn in the assignment for a grade.
    Students will build confidence while learning to draw Rocky, our mascott, and other characters using familiar shapes.
    Week of March 30th
    Students will draw buildings on paper using materials from home.  I encourage the entire family to help create these buildings to make it more fun!  The student will discover the value of overlapping to create depth.
    Students will learn the basic functionality of the Google Drawing application and create a poster.  Please use the codes below to join your google classroom for more details.
    Week of April 13th, 20th and 27th
    Students will learn about Wassily Kandinsky and create an abstract piece with music.
    Check out this results video!
    Week of April 27th
    I only have 13 submissions so far.  :(  HOWEVER, I've been told that cameras have been turned back on for Chromebooks.  I'd like the collaboration to be much larger so I am extending this project to Friday April 1st.  If you haven't turned yours in yet please submit it in your Google Classroom or send it to my E-mail.
     Week of May 4th
    Click on the link above to see a Smithsonian site showing their collection of Star Wars memorabilia and art works.  Student's are to create their own science fiction character (robot, alien, or even futuristic human).  Go to your Google Classroom for assignment details.
    Week of May 11th
    Virtual Art Show and Celebration!
    It's the last week of school, and I want you to show me what you've got!  You are free!  Take time to draw, paint, or sculpt a piece of your choice with whatever materials you have and send it to me.  (e-mail or Google classroom)  It could be from an earlier lesson or something completely new.  Friday, May 15th I will be showcasing some of the amazing work that has been sent to me throughout the year in a final YouTube video.  Don't miss it!
    Google Classroom Codes:
    5th Grade: mi3m7yu
    4th Grade: uio677o
    3rd Grade: 6p5ncde
    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: 2ppt2ym
    You can access Google Classroom on your school device or you can download the Google Classroom app and login with your school ID.  Students can post work and easily ask questions in Google Classroom.