• Hi! I'm Ms. Grace your art teacher!

    I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and I graduated from Georgia State University in 2016 with my BFA in Art Education. In college my concentrations were in ceramics and printmaking. I was also a founding member of my university's women's rugby team. I have been with Hampton Elementary school since the 2016-2017 school year. I had the honor being HES's 2020 teacher of the year. Being an art teacher seems to be a family thing for me. My mother and one of my sisters are art teachers as well! Outside of teaching at Hampton, I have taught art lessons through various metro Atlanta organizations to a variety of ages from toddlers to adults. All my life I have always loved to make and building things. Art can be making shoes, an oil painting, or anything beyond and in between. My hope is that my students will view art as an important part of their everyday life in communicating and interacting with the world around them. 

    Aside from making art, I spend most of my free time riding my bicycle, skateboarding, reading, and doing yoga.