About:  Advisory will be held every Wednesday morning from 8:50 - 9:35. 

    The purpose of Advisory is to advise students on appropriate actions and for students to have an adult in the building that holds them accountable. Students will have time with the advisor to go over grades and/or progress reports. The Advisor will work with them and guide them to effective actions toward success.




    Advisory will also be a time for students to build an appropriate and professional relationship with their Advisor. Modeled to the students through this relationship will be effective communication which they will use in their every day lives as they continue to develop and use 21st century skills. This will increase student achievement and morale and will also decrease the possibility of students “falling between the cracks.”




    Advisory time will also be spent setting goals, tracking the progress of goals, and ensuring the success of reaching goals. Students need to understand that goals help to organize their lives and give them direction so they may be successful.

    Advisory may also serve as a time for literal organization of school life. Organizing notebooks and lockers, writing important dates in a calendar, etc.