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     Intro to Law and Justice

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     Intro to Forensics

Hello to all my parents and students. I will be communicating with you all via email @

It is my pleasure to be teaching the students of ELHS this school year. I will do my best to make this class as fun as we can. In the remote learning platform, we will try to create the same atmosphere as it would be if we where in the room together. I ask that we work together to make things work. Please look at each class listed below. Find the class you or your child is in and read the syllabus. I look forward to working with each of you. 

We will get through this.  



                                                                                             Eagle’s Landing High School

                                                                                               2020-2021 School Year

                                                                                                  Effective 8/17/2020

Remote Learning Expectations and Requirements for Students and Parents



School Hours: 8:10 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

-                     Be mindful that you are not on a break from school. You are learning from home.

-            Student Attendance will be taken daily.

Synchronous (live) sessions:

- Students who log into their Google Meet for the period will be counted present in IC for that period.

Students who do not log into their Google Meet for the period will be counted absent in IC for that period.

              Asynchronous (recorded or independent) sessions:

- Attendance for asynchronous teaching and learning will be captured by students completing a sign-in sheet provided by teachers within Google Classroom.

- Students who do not complete the Form during the designated time will be marked absent in IC for that period.

Teachers’ Planning Period

-                   Please visit teachers’ websites to gain information about when they are on their planning period. This will be an “off hour” so that they can use this time to plan and participate in collaborative planning meetings with other teachers and administrators.


Teachers’ Office Hours

-                   Normal non-instructional times such as 7:45 a.m. – 8:10 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

-                   This time is used for one-on-one tutoring and/or virtual or telephone conferences.


Instructional Expectations

-                   Students are expected to attend class each day for the time frame of each period.

-                   Students are expected to engage in the learning activities planned for them.

-                   Students are expected to stay the course with our learning progressions and pacing guides.

-                   Students are expected to complete assignments and assessments by due dates.

  • Students will receive a zero (0) for missing assignments.
  • Students will be “ZAPPED” for missing assignments through our Zeros Aren’t Permitted Program (ZAPP).

-                    Students are expected to utilize the online resources being provided to them by teachers.

  • Most English, Math, Science, and Social Studies courses have electronic versions of the required textbooks.

-                    Students are expected to seek help from teachers, when needed.

-           Students are expected to complete a weekly progress report during Instructional Focus (IF)

-                    Students are expected to complete any missing assignments from the week by Friday of that


  • Friday is our “re-engagement” day.
  • No new material will be presented on Friday.
  • Students may be expected to use Friday Instructional time to:
    • Complete independent work of previous Skills or Extension activities, which may include technology-based programming.
    • Participate in live instruction for targeted students’ needs.
    • Participate in progress monitoring.
    • Complete formal assessments
    • g. MAP, End of Unit Summative tests, traditional “Friday” quizzes that will be monitored via GoGuardian.
    • Students are expected to work with teachers and staff members to ensure IEP testing accommodations/modifications are implemented.

Instruction Focus Expectations


Parental Involvement Expectations

-              Parents are expected to monitor the progress of students during this Remote Learning.

  • Check IC on a regular basis.

-              Parents are expected to communicate with students and teachers regarding student progress.

  • Teachers will communicate with students and parents during their “Office Time.”

-              Parents are expected to stay in close contact with teachers and counselors during this time, especially if a student is failing or is in danger of failing any course.


Communication Expectations

-              Students are expected to check their school email daily (Microsoft Office 365) and communicate with teachers on a regular basis. This will also be a platform for them to communicate with students on a regular basis.

-              Students are expected to email their Counselor if they know that their internet access is limited or does not exist at all.

-              Students are expected to email our Technology Specialist, Mr. Burtram, at as soon as they have a technology device concern.

-              Students are expected to contact their teachers when they have a technology access concern.

-        Students and parents are expected to join the Remind groups of their teachers, counselor, and class sponsor. 


                                     Remote Learning Rules


                                      Track and Field Google Meet Info.


                                     Track and Field Google Classrom Info