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    Upcoming Events:

    Dance Auditions

    dance auditions, must have physical, meeting on april 2nd



    Google Meet for all participants

    April 2, 2021

    Video call link: https://meet.google.com/zik-sisd-nwy


    Step 1: Apply for Tryouts HERE!!! 

    Each Candidate must register before being invited to audition.

    *please complete the online registration by April 8 

    *physical must be scanned, please do not take pictures


    Step 2: Create your video submission



    Full Name


    Why do you want to be apart of the dance program?

    What is your experience with dance?

    What makes you the best candidate?

    Technical Dance Requirements


    Leg Extension

    Single and Double Pirouettes

    Grande Jete

    Toe Touch

    Optional- Other technical skills (Gymnastics, Headspring, Kip-Ups, Bronco)


    Field Dance Combination

    Present a field routine (must contain elements of agility, flexibility, technique and HBCU style dance) to a song of your choice for 64 counts


    Hip Hop


    Step 3: Submit Audition

    a. Email must be sent to ebonee.usher@henry.k12.ga.us

    b. Put in subject line Dance Audition/last name

    c. Body/contents of the email must include

    i. Name

    ii. Headshot

    iii. Link to Audition Video

    *Post the video unlisted to youtube/do not send the link to others


    Step 4: Wait for invitation to the live tryouts on April 20-23


    Congratulations to the New StarZ 

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    Rising Sophomore

    Rising Freshmen