Teacher Name: Emily Salmon
    School Email Address: esalmon@henry.k12.ga.us   

    I Teach: 9th Grade English/Basic Reading & Writing

    January 8, 2021


    Parents AND Students,

    You will notice that even though you have a "new" schedule for 2nd semester, you are in my class for the whole year. Our class is a "combo" of 9th Grade Lit and Comp (a graduation requirement) and Basic Reading and Writing (a support class ELA).  Pass BOTH to earn 2 credits for the year.

    I'm excited that we get to continue our work!  There's a lot to deal with right now - remote learning, new classes, uncertainty with quarantine requirements.  I will do my best to make needed adjustments while also keeping our basic routines.  I will be asking for your input about our class structure.

    I want all of my students to have a terrific - well, the best possible - start to high school!  We are going to help each other make the best of this messed up situation.  We can do it.  And, hopefully, soon, we can be together soon.

    ~ Ms. Salmon


    Introducing. . .Ms. Whitcomb

    Student Teacher Name: Sydney Whitcomb
    School Email Address: swhitcomb@student.clayton.edu
    I Co-Teach: 9th grade English/Basic Reading & Writing


    Hello Wildcats! My name is Sydney Whitcomb. I am a Secondary Education student enrolled at Clayton State University. I am a student teacher here at Locust Grove High School. Ms. Salmon is my mentor this year as she and her students are helping me learn the ins and outs of being a high school English teacher. I am looking forward to continue working with Ms. Salmon throughout this school year and to co-teach the amazing students here at Locust Grove High School!


    9th Reading and Writing: Our class will be structured like NO other class you have.  How will you make the most of this OPPORTUNITY?  Look for an Meet Me video next week in which I will discuss our unique class structure.  
    Google Classroom: I rely on Google Classroom as the platform for my assignments and announcements.  Check there if you are absent, have lost handouts, or if you need clarification on assignments.  You may contact me through GClassroom.
    Codes are below for each class period.  Let me know if you have any questions about utilizing this helpful organizational tool.
    Text the appropriate code to this number:  81010 

    2nd: @e2d2g2
    3rd:  @kfkek8

    4th:  @28b699