SMS Only Uses Online Ticketing For All Athletic Events
    We DO NOT accept cash at the gate/door.
    To purchase tickets click on the link below.


    In order to try out for any sport, you must have 
    1. A  current and completed physical packet on file:
              a. Physical Form
              b. Parent Consent
              c. Heat Awareness
              d. Cardiac Awareness 
              e. Concussion Awareness
               f. Insurance Policy Information
    2. The scholar athlete must have passed 3 of 4 core classes (math, science, language arts, social studies) with at least 70% in the previous semester of that sport. 
    Example: Math- 70; Science- 70; Language Arts- 70; Social Studies; 69     Eligible 
                     Math- 70; Science- 70; Language Arts- 69; Social Studies-69     Ineligible         
    *Students must also maintain at least a combined average score of 70% in their connection classes to be deemed eligible.      
                                                             FALL ATHLETICS
           Softball       Softball                                    Football             Football                   Cheerleading      cheer
                                                        WINTER ATHLETICS
      Girls Basketball        Girls Basketball               Boys Basketball          Boys Basketball                   Wrestling         wrestling
                                                                               SPRING ATHLETICS
                      Track & Field       track and field                          Girls Volleyball            Volleyball
     Q & A
    Q.     What is the academic eligibility requirement? 
    A.     To be eligible to try out or to participate in a middle school activity, students must meet the following academic criteria:
    1. Pass three (3) out of four (4) academic subjects in the semester immediately prior to competition.
    2. Have a cumulative semester connections average above 70 in the semester immediately prior to competition.
    Q.     Is a physical required?
    A.     Yes. In order to participate in athletics, you must have a physical (GHSA form) on file with your school Athletic Director. Additionally, you must have the Henry County Information and Consent form on file with your school Athletic Director. Both forms are required prior to being allowed to tryout. Click link below to print forms.
    Q.    May 6th graders participate as team members or managers?
    A.     No.
    If you have any further questions, contact Coach Riley or Coach Shaw:
    Coach Riley     kwame.riley@henry.k12.ga.us