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    Personalized Learning @ Flippen Elementary

    To Proficiency and Beyond!!


    Flippen Elementary School (FLES) continues its progress toward full implementation of Personalized Learning. Personalized Learning at FLES is a student-centered, individualized, self-directed learning experience that promotes content mastery and creates 21st century critical thinkers, tech-enabled learners, independent problem solvers, and lifelong learning explorers.


    Our Mission is Simply

    Focusing on Learning for Every Student”. 


    The vision for FLES is to allow students to develop the skills needed to become their own educational advocate. Our graduates will be leaders, problem solvers, and communicators. They not only will have big ideas but will be able to express their ideas so that people will listen. They will be responsible citizens that are compassionate, honest and have integrity. They will be able to make the right choices for themselves while considering the effects on others. They will be self-motivated, confident and creative.  They will be able to set short and long term goals, and have the skill set to achieve these goals.


    We are very excited about the opportunity we have to make a positive impact on our students’ education. We appreciate the support from all of you and encourage your participation along the way. Please contact Ms. Lisa Henriquez (project manager), Mrs. Carrie Edwards (personalized learning coach), Dr. Toni Obenauf (principal), or Ms. Shannon Daniel (assistant principal) for more information, concerns, or questions.


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