LHS Polymer Club

     Polymer Club Members
    Students preparing candle wicks from crayons
    Students exploring the strength of polymers
    Polymer Club Members

    Established in 2014, the LHS Polymer Club promotes students’ deep learning pursuits in the twin fields of Polymers and Plastics. Polymers both natural and man-made are of great significance to human lives. An applied area such as polymers/plastics necessitates real-world experiences and experimentation.

    In the LHS Polymer Club, students develop their own labs and demos and present them within school and in conferences organized by reputed organizations.  They help design activities that can be developed into lessons for all students to enjoy and for teachers across the globe to use it in their classrooms for their students.

    POlymer CLub meets twice monthly. Based on events, additional meetings may become necessary.

    Several leadership and service opportunities are available.

    Join the Polymer Club to reap the benefits

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    Efforts are being made to commence a Student Chapter of the Society for Polymer Engineering, which is the first of its kind effort in high schools in the world.