Hello!  I am Mrs. Karlina Keefer and I am one of two Speech-Langauge Pathologists at Unity Grove Elementary.  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia, graduate degree from Valdosta State University, and Educational Specialist degree with a major in brain based teaching from Nova Southeastern University. I have provided public school speech services since 2004.



                                                What is a Speech Pathologist?

    Speech Pathologists (sometimes informally referred to as speech therapists) are professionals who are educated to assess speech and language development and to treat language and speech disorders.    These disorders include articulation impairments (sound errors), phonological disorders (sounds in words awareness), vocabulary development, word usage delays, impaired social communication, and language processing.  We also treat abnormal vocal qualities, stuttering behaviors, swallowing, and oral motor disorders.  We provide intervention strategies for teachers and parents for home and classroom practice and we work with groups of children to promote self-correction of mild speech and language problems that do not require therapy.




    Helpful Links for Parents:


    For articulation, language, and emergent literacy (beginning reading skills):   www.speechtx.com

    For information on stuttering and stuttering characteristics and support:  www.stutteringhelp.com

    For information on a variety of communication deficits including articulation, language, sensory-motor and social connections:  www.kidspeech.com 

    For information on emergent literacy, speech and language development, speech and language disorders, swallowing, and a list of self-help groups/organizations:  www.asha.orgthen click, "The public" and then click, "Speech, Language, and Swallowing."

    These links are suggestions for further parent information.  UGE cannot be held accountable for the content of the websites or additional links. I will be glad to answer questions or concerns that you may have regarding your child's speech disorder and treatment.  Please call 770-898-8886 to make an appointment to conference or I can be reached at karlina.keefer@henry.k12.ga.us