• Mr. Chris McLeod, Assistant Principal
    Areas of Responsibility:
    6th Grade 
     7th Grade (A-L)
    MTSS and Section 504 
                                               email E-Mail:christopher.mcleod@henry.k12.ga.us 
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    Greetings, my name is Chris McLeod. As Assistant Principal at Union Grove Middle School, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our outstanding students and staff, and the parents who make up this community. 

    Throughout my life; my family, teachers, youth pastors, and others fostered in me a belief that I could accomplish anything with great effort, humility, a caring nature, and a positive attitude. I was born and raised in Henry County and have a very large family, including many educators. I was a student of Henry County Schools myself and graduated from Union Grove High School. I am passionate in my belief that Henry County Schools provides a top notch education for those willing to receive it!

    After high school, I attended Gordon College and obtained an Associate's Degree in Business Administration. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration - Management from California State University, San Bernardino. I also have a Master's degree from Valdosta State University, with a major in Special Education General Curriculum. I obtained my Specialist in Education degree in Educational Leadership from Columbus State University.

    Before becoming an educator, I worked in the private sector as a Transportation/Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager and an Operations Manager while living and working in California. My work in the private sector has added to my role as an educational leader and I am thankful for the experience.

    Before coming to UGMS in 2015, I was at Hampton Middle School where I was an Exceptional Student Education teacher and ESE Department Chair and also held various other roles and positions such as Personalized Learning Coach. 

    As Assistant Principal, I believe my role is to be more than just an administrator, but also a positive role model in the lives of young people. Daily, I strive to ensure that our students are treated with fairness; while still holding them accountable. I want the best for them, because they will become our next educators, mentors, coaches, managers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.

    My hope is for our students to go forward with an appreciation for the value of the education they are able to receive and use this blessing wisely to better their lives and the lives of others.  

    I am very excited for this school year at Union Grove Middle School as we all work together to ensure the success of our students. 

    Mr. Chris McLeod, Ed.S.

    Assistant Principal

    Union Grove Middle School