6 Easy Steps

6 Easy Steps to Enroll

  • 1. Students interested in enrolling with Impact Academy must consult with the counselor at their zoned school and have him/her complete a Counselor Advisement Form.  Once completed, the form can be submitted either in person at the Impact Academy office or via email by the counselor.  To access the form:  Counselor Advisement Form.  *Please note, completion and submission of this form only does not complete the enrollment process.  Please read below to see how to complete your enrollment with Impact Academy.

    2.  Parents/students must attend a New Student Information Session as a prerequisite to enrollment.  Log in to the session at the link provided at:


    about 15 minutes before the start time.  Dates and times for the sessions can be found on this page as well.  The session will last about an hour and give an overview of the program, expectations of the student and parent where the program is concerned, and finish with a Q & A portion.  At the end of the session, you will also be instructed on how to access enrollment documents. 

     3.  Complete the enrollment documents that were made accessible during the New Student Information Session and turn in to the Impact Academy administrative office for processing.  If you cannot access them for some reason, they are available at our office.  At this time, please be sure to notify your home school of your definite intent to enroll with Impact Academy.   

     4.  Once the enrollment documents are received and entered into our database, the student is officially enrolled and can begin work as soon as their log-in credentials are received via email from Edgenuity.  Please notify us in a timely manner if you do not receive this information. 

     5.  New students must attend the Study Support Cafe' for two weeks as instructed by the counselors during the Information Session.  After that time, the Study Support Cafe' becomes optional unless the student starts to do poorly.

    6.  You are now on your way to being a successful online student with Impact Academy!