• Luella Middle School's vision is to produce life-long learners, equipped with the skills to be successful in college, career, and life. The mission of  LMS is to ensure the success of each student by personalizing learning through the five tenets: learner profiles, project-based learning, competencies/flexible pace, 21st century skills, and technology enabled.

    5 Tenets  
     Learner Profiles

    Provides access for teachers, students, and parents to information and data to help guide students in making academic choices that best meet student needs.

     Project Based Learning – PBL

    Giving students options to explore the curriculum and practice skills through inquiry projects that connect content and skills to real world problems students may encounter in college, career, and life.

     Competencies/Flexible Pace

    Students progress through the curriculum based on demonstration of mastery of competencies or overarching “big ideas” that connect content from one grade level to the next. Our goal is to provide students with a deeper, more meaningful understanding of content rather than just “covering material.”

    Technology Enabled

    We strive to incorporate technology into all aspects of instruction so that students leave LMS having experienced a variety of tools and digital opportunities. Students will work on a variety of online platforms that are tools to assist in the education process.

    21st Century Skills

    At LMS, we want students to be ready for what comes after middle school and even high school. We want our students to be able to succeed in whatever college or career path they choose as well as in day to day experiences. To enable such success, we believe students should have opportunities to develop skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

     Voice and Choice

    At LMS, we want students to be involved in their learning. We have a 40 minute Advisory time each day in which all certified staff works with small groups of students to provide guidance in using data to make effective and appropriate academic choices. Students will have opportunities to make decisions about how they learn and demonstrate mastery. Students will also have opportunities to provide feedback to teachers and administration regarding their educational experience. WIN time will be used each Friday to give students an opportunity to choose their instruction based on data.


    We believe that positive relationships are crucial to the success of our students. We strive to get to know our students and share positive experiences with students such as celebrations and collaborative experiences through advisory and instructional time.

     WIN- What I Need

    WIN is every Friday and allows students to make choices based on what subject area they need additional support. Students may choose the subject and instructional method in which they need assistance. Advisors and teachers will provide aid in making appropriate decisions. Our goal is to enable students to make appropriate academic choices on their own.


    Students will be allowed to retake assessments. Teachers will provide information regarding the opening and closing of retake windows as well as the options for support that students may choose from to receive additional support before taking a retake. Students MUST participate in some tutorial or remediation before retaking an assessment. This will include such options as before or after school tutoring, WIN, Working Lunch Tutorials, Online Assignments, etc. There will also be Amnesty Days for additional retakes at the end of each 18 weeks.  


    At LMS, we want to educate the whole child and believe learning can take place in a variety of settings. Students have opportunities to join clubs and activities throughout the year. These include Beta Club, Model UN, Student Council, Student Ambassadors, Reading Bowl, Band, Chorus, and a variety of athletic opportunities.


    We love to let you hear us roar! LMS is committed to keeping an open line of communication between parents, teachers, and students. There are various ways parents can become involved and stay connected to their students at school including School Council, All Pro Dads, and Parent Volunteers.