Teacher Name: Mr.Sellers
    School Email Address: Jeremy.Sellers@henry.k12.ga.us
    5th Grade EIP Teacher
     Welcome Parents and Students to Mr.Sellers' Fifth Grade EIP Class.
    During Remote Learning Days I will post weekly assignments here. I will continue to communicate with Parents through Dojo and with students through Google Meets.
    Click on the link to the assigned pages
    Math: Focus Skill: Week 1: Adding Fractions /Word Problem Strategies
    Week 2:  Subtracting Fractions /Word Problem Strategies
     Week 3: Focus Skill: Dividing Fractions Strategy: Inverse Operation Strategy
    Mon. Multiply/Divide Fractions Lesson 1 pg. 1
    Tues. Multiply/Divide Fractions Lesson 1 pg. 2
    Wed. Multiply/Divide Fractions Lesson 1 pg. 3
    Thurs. Multiply/Divide Fractions Lesson 2 pg. 1
    Week 1&2 - Week 3&4 Reading: Focus Skill: Text Evidence Strategy: RACE
    Reading Assignments are found in your paper copy packet or assigned to your Readworks account for Week 1 & 2
    Focus Skill: Week 3: Continue Text Evidence
    Click On Links Below For New Assignments
        Starting Week 3 Fridays are for Students and Parents to catchup on work.
    ***I will be available for questions through Dojo messaging.***
    ***Only one reading and math assignment should be completed daily. They should not take more than 20 minutes per assignment.***
    Extra Support for these assignments can be arranged daily through Parent Dojo messages. Please Message through your child's Homeroom Teacher's Account.
    Google Meets Class will be held every Tuesday for Math and every Thursday for Reading at 2:30. Class end time will depend on questions from students.
    Click on Google Meets Session to Begin:
    Reading                Math