Course: Algebra 1

Instructor: Mr. Tyrone Jamison

Location: Room 618


Phone: 678-827-2950

Remind: Text the right code to 81010

2nd Block

3rd Block

4th Block



@ jam4a1

Office Hours: 7:45 am-8:10 am and 3:15 pm - 5:30 pm

Tutoring Hours:

Virtual Learning - Fridays during class period,

In person Learning- Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:15pm- 4:15pm

Course Title: Algebra 1

Course Description:    Coordinate Algebra is a rigorous integrated mathematics course covering the topics listed in the content map below.  This class is designed for the exceptional math student who is seeking a background that will prepare the student for advanced math and science courses.   Students should be self-motivated and exhibit excellent study skills to properly succeed.

Course Objectives:

Please see link below for more information about the Algebra 1 course:

Textbooks: Intro into Algebra 1 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company  ©2020


  1. Day planner
  2. Pencils and Pen
  3. Color Pencils
  4. Line Paper
  5. Graph Paper
  6. Ruler
  7. 1 or 1.5 inch binder
  8. OPTIONAL-Casio fx-115es plus Calculator- We will be using DESMOS as our online calculator.
  9. A spiral-bound notebook or three-ring binder will be needed for organizing notes and monitoring standards throughout the course.

Grading Policy (Cummaltive Grade):

Daily Grades (Classwork, Homework, Labs)


Quizzes/ Tests/Projects


End of Course Exam (EOC)


Cumulative /Final Grade: (40%+40%+20%= 100%)



Students will find copies of their assignments on Google classroom that they can access at all times through the internet. I will post all assignment due dates on the calendar.

Attendance Policy:

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes on time and each day. On the FIRST DAY students return to school from an absence, parents should provide the school with a written note explaining the reason for the absence. The note should include the date(s) of the absence, the reason(s) for the absence, and the signature of the parent or of the doctor who treated the student.

It is the studentís responsibility to make up missed work. Students will be given the same

amount of time to make up work, tests, and projects as time they were absent.

Remote Attendance: During remote learning it is required that you attend all class sessions at there scheduled times-attendance will be taken.

School Tardy Policy-IN PERSON LEARNING: Students must report to the tardy kiosk if they are late to class.

Classroom Expectations:


  1. Students are to be in class, prepared, and ready to learn when the bell rings to begin the period. Class will be dismissed at the teacherís instruction.
  2. Students will actively participate in class in a manner that facilitates learning the material being presented or reviewed.
  3. Students who are absent from class, and the absence is excused according to the student handbook, are responsible to determine what work was missed and make up that work according to the timeline set forth in the student handbook.
  4. Students will handle technology responsibly.  Technology use can be very helpful in the classroom but that which is not conducive to learning the material will not be allowed.
  5. Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the student handbook.

Negative Consequences

1.      Warning/Student conference

2.      Warning/Student conference

3.      Parent contact

4.      Office referral

*All school rules will be followed.

*Tardy procedures will follow the school policy.

*Severe offences will be referred to the office immediately.

*The Academic Honesty Policy will be followed.

*This syllabus is subject to change. Students will be notified ahead of time of change.

Recovery Options:

  1. Making up old assignments
  2. Retaking tests after receiving mistakes on failing tests.
  3. Test correction to help improve failing test grade.