• The following technology resources will be used regularly in my class.  
    Need help?  Email me or talk to a friend who has experience with the resource.
     *We have new textbooks!  For the first time since the 20th Century, you will have a new literature textbook.  You will need your laptop so charge that thing at night and place it right beside your phone so you are sure to remember it each day.  :)
    Access to online textbook:
    1. select "Student Core Resources" from your Classlink (or "launchpad") screen
    2. select the white and yellow "Ed" icon 
    3. Make sure you are viewing the textbook for your class (you may need to use the downward arrow to toggle between textbooks).
    4. The "Assignments" button is located at the top of your screen in the middle; check here for assignments set up by your teacher.
    Access to Google Classroom:
    1. Select "Google Classroom" from your Classlink (or "launchpad") screen.
    2. All classes will appear on this opening page; assignments will appear in the block for each class.
    3. You should be receiving notifications of posts and/or assignments in Google Classroom; if not, set up these notifications.
    4. In addition to reviewing the "Stream" of announcements from your teacher, make sure to review the "Classwork" tab for assignments.