It only takes a conscious effort on our part to be aware of what our children are learning in school and taking the time to point it out in the world around us.
    teachable moments
    Ways to "create" teachable moments...
    1.  Paper plates for lunch - Find out what the letter(s) of the week is at school and write letters with pictures, short words or sentences on your child's paper plate and put it in their lunch box.  Let your child watch or help make the plates for the week.
    2.  Point out letters/words as you are driving....emphasis the sounds of the letters or the position of the letters
    3.  When reading a book, have your child be a letter detective or a sound detective and look for a stated letter or letters that make a specific sound.
    4.  Have a letter of the day/week - post it on the fridge or mirror - point out that letter to the child when seen during the day or even words or objects that begin with the sound that the letter makes.
    5.  Shaving cream on the wall -  while taking a bath, have the kids write the letters you say or write a letter and have them tell you the letter or sound...even words.
    6.  Playing in the sand at a park or beach - write letters or words in the sand for your child to read.  We did this at the beach with my son.  He loved trying to read the word before the waves washed it away.
    7. Create "passwords" from common sight words that your child must read to enter a room or open a door.  You can also do this with letter recognition.  
    8.  Sidewalk chalk - use words or letters to play hopscotch.