Reading & Vocabulary Choice Board Homework

    Directions: Parents please help your child select one challenging activity from the choice board. Option #1: You must select at least two activities. Option #2: For higher order performance, students are required to complete four activities from the choice board. Turn in your work on separate pages and staple the choice board on top. Circle the activities you selected on the choice board.    

    Write your list of words below. Separate the syllables with / mark. Tell how many syllables in each word.

    Ex: bask/et/ball = 3 syllables

    Write your words using a red pencil for vowels and a blue pencil for consonants.

    (If you do not have red or blue pencils, circle the vowels.)


    Write a story using your words. Underline the vocabulary words.

    Identify and write down words with a short vowel sound.

     Informational Station: Write 3-5 facts from your informational book.


    Scavenger Hunt: Write down as many sight words from your book that you recognize.


    Identify and write down words with a long vowel sound.

    Play a free game (free choice) using your word list.


     Find and record all the nouns and verbs you find in your book.


    Fiction vs. Nonfiction: Does your book tell a story or give information? How do you know? My book tells ________ about _________.


    Draw a comic strip using at least 7 of your words in conversation bubbles. Highlight the words used.

    Take a practice Test! Have a parent quiz you on your words! Know how to say and spell them. Good luck!

    Vocabulary word List:

    1._______________   2.______________   3._______________         

    4._______________         5.______________   6._______________

    7._______________         8.______________   9. _______________

    10. _________________