• Admission Eligibilty Criteria


    "Option A"


    Students must achieve a Cognitive Ability Test (CogAT) (Mental Ability) score of 99%ile in the composite score (K-2), or 96%ile in the composite score (3-12).


    Score in the 90th %ile in any section (Reading or Math) on MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) or Iowa Test of Skills acheivement tests.


    "Option B"


    Students must meet three of the four following criteria in order to be served in the Gifted Education program:


    1.   Mental Ability: Test used CogAT: K-12: 96%ile in any subtest or composite score 

    2.   Achievement: (MAP or ITBS): 90%ile or higher in Total Reading, or Total Math

    3.   Creativity: 90%ile on Torrance Test of Creativity

    4.   Motivation: 90%ile characteristics rating scale (teacher rated)