Classwork and Homework can be accessed on our Google Classroom Page. Homework is posted daily after class on the main stream. It's due the following day at 8 am unless students have been absent. In lieu of an absence, homework is due the following day of a student's return at 8 am. Please check your child's homework folder daily for documentation of what's due.

    Classwork is equally posted in the same manner. The quickest way to view assignments and their due dates is to click the "Classwork" tab in Google Classroom. 





    *Please note, students will be asked to avoid posting extraneous comments on threads because if someone needs to view a particular announcement, it'll make it easier for them to secure the information they need. Posting extraneous comments force the thread to be excessively long. When threads are incredibly long, someone seeking information has to scroll continuously to find what they need. With this in mind, students will be encouraged to monitor what & how they comment on posts. Developing this trait will enable them to become conscientious digital citizens, showing courtesy for and towards others.