• Publication Policy

    Purpose and Audience

    The Pack yearbook is a student publication produced annually by a staff of student journalists at Woodland High School, Henry County, Georgia.  The Pack staff strives to publish the highest quality yearbook that records the history of the student population for the current year by reporting school events, features, sports and issues.

    The Pack staff will follow ethical and legal guidelines.  No material will be printed which is libelous, irresponsible, advocates an illegal activity or which the editorial staff and/or advisor deems in poor taste.  This is a living document where some of the practices, policies, and design decisions are decided by the editorial staff of the current year and will be added to this document.

    The intended audience for this publication is the student body, faculty, staff, parents, and community surrounding Woodland High School.

    Portrait Policy

    All students must have their school portrait taken by Legacy Studios for the creation of ID cards and to be included in the yearbook.  All students who are enrolled as of October 1st of the school year and have had their portrait taken by Legacy Studios will be included in the portrait sections of the yearbook.  All seniors must have their formal picture taken through Legacy Studios before October 1st of the current school year.  Legacy Studios will be responsible for getting copies of all portrait pictures to the yearbook advisor.

    Senior pictures – The basic sitting fee for seniors (Bronze Package) is included in the senior fees that every senior must pay – this portion of the fee will be owed even if the student does not take their senior pictures and is non-refundable.  The Basic package of 15 proofs includes Formal Tux/Drape, Cap & Gown and Casual poses.  Only pictures taken by Legacy Studios will be included in the formal portrait section of the yearbook.  If the student would like a more extensive portrait package they can pay the upcharge to Legacy Studios at the time of their appointment or use another personal photographer (at the student’s own expense).  All outside photographs taken must be submitted digitally to the advisor by October 15th or uploaded to the ReplayIt website.

    Advertising Policy

    The editor-in –Chief and business manager, with guidance from the advisor shall determine if any advertisement is unacceptable.  Acceptance of advertising does not constitute any endorsement by the school, the staff as a whole or its individual members.  Students who appear in business advertisements must sign a model release form acknowledging that they will accept no payment from the client and their appearance is one of support for the yearbook rather than the business or profession.  The student yearbook reserves the right to refuse any business which seeks to advertise products or services which are illegal or generally considered to be unhealthy or undesirable for our students.  Senior Recognition Ads any be purchased through our yearbook production company, Jostens.  Any ads purchased and designed through Jostens are also subject to approval of the editor-in-Chief and business manager and the staff reserves the right to modify some parts of the ad (ex: change background color or placement on the page).

    Book Sales Policy

    Books are sold at a gradual price increase throughout the year.  The advisor has the right to discount books or increase prices with at least a 10 day notice.  The notices must be posted on the yearbook website, announced on the morning and afternoon announcements at school and be posted on flyers in the commons area. 

    No refunds will be given for minor mistakes that include, but are not limited to: misspelled or wrong names, incorrect grade designation, or poor quality pictures.  We assure you that exhaustive efforts are made to improve our product each year and catch mistakes.  With that said, the public must realize that the yearbook is the product of an academic journalism class created by students for students. Students are earning graduation credit for their efforts and many of the students on the staff have no prior experience with journalism writing or design and are learning as they create the publication.  This is NOT a professional publication.  It is a yearbook created by teenagers.

    Refunds on pre-sold books may only occur before May 1st of every year and only if the book was not personalized.

    Books may be exchanged if a minor printing flaw is found in the book and only if there is no writing in the book.  If there is a major printing flaw in the book, deemed major by the advisor, then books may be exchanged even if there is writing in the book.

    It is the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain proof of purchase.  Cancelled checks, credit card statement, account transactions, or receipts will qualify as a proof of purchase.

    Yearbooks may only be purchased through the advisor or through Jostens online order service.  Purchasers may not send money with any other member of the staff to order a book.  Payments will only be accepted before school, after school and during 4th period (lunch).  No orders will be taken during class times.

    Distribution for pre-ordered books will begin at the Annual Signing Party; students may pre-order books up to 2 days before the event and no sales will occur during those 3days (the two days prior as well as the day of the Signing Party).  The day after the Signing Party any remaining books will be sold to anyone who wishes to purchase one while supplies last.  Sales will occur on a first come, first served basis until all books are sold.  Pre-sold books not claimed by the start of school the following school year will automatically become the property of the yearbook staff and can be sold at the current price.

    Prior Review Policy

    Stories, interviews and/or photographs will not be shared with non-staff members before publication unless the reporter and/or editor-in-chief determine the need to confirm information for clarification.  Interviewed subjects have not right to approve a story in which they appear.

    Obituary Policy

    IF a student or faculty/staff member dies during the current school year, the death will be treated in a tasteful and respectful manner.  The portrait of the individual will appear as usual in the book.  With permission from the deceased’s family, factual information such as date of birth, date of death, survivors, organizations, hobbies and interests in a minimum of a ½ page ad and a maximum of a full page ad may be included in the ad section if the book has not gone to press at no cost to the family.  Coverage will provide adequate memory of the individual for those closely associated with them while not overemphasizing it for other readers.  If the yearbook has already been submitted for the current year, the ad will appear in the following year’s book provided the family’s approval is obtained.

Last Modified on August 26, 2018