• Star Student of the Month Criteria

    The candidates for Student of the Month should exemplify the characteristics listed below. It should be understood that the candidates receiving a Student of the Month nomination should meet all of their daily school requirements as well as demonstrate the characteristics of a

    well-rounded Rocky Creek Racer


    * Academics - Student should be a hard-worker in all aspects of academics.

    * Attitude - Student should possess and demonstrate a positive attitude towards their classmates as well as to their teachers.

    * Behavior - Student should be well-behaved in structured and non-structured settings.

    *   Responsibility - Student should show responsibility in their work as well as their actions.

    *  Attendance - Student should have shown excellent attendance during that nomination month.


    Star student of the month will be awarded monthly to one student per homeroom.



    The star student of the month will receive an award, goodies and an invitation to the parent luncheon


    Congratulations to our Students of the Month!!!
Last Modified on October 1, 2019