It is the belief of Henry County School administrators and educators that all students must have the right to develop their talents and abilities to the fullest. Embodied in this belief is the commitment to gifted and talented students who possess learning characteristics and needs that differ from those of their chronological peers. The mission of gifted education is to maximize the potential of gifted and talented students by providing programs and services that accommodate these differences, including curriculum responsive to individual learning rates, styles, and complexity. 


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         Welcome to the Gifted Program at Fairview Elementary! It is my greatest pleasure to be your gifted lead for this school year. I hope that all of you had a wonderful summer and are now ready to learn and grow. 



    Their classroom teachers and I will be challenging the students in all subject areas.  Students will be completing both their regular grade level work as well as advanced into a fourth of the next grade level work.  Gifted Classroom teachers and the Gifted Lead will also be focusing on Science this year, in which they will be enriching and challenging students to analyze and interpret scientific facts and theories, as well as completing projects, which will integrate both Math and Language Arts.   

          *Please check this site often as information on important dates, projects and rubrics, and field trips can be found there.*

         We will be utilizing a great deal of technology throughout the entire school year. We will be working to help our students learn how to use the Internet properly for research, create Slides Presentations through Google Slides, how to utilize Google Classroom, and how to create their own websites online. We will also be utilizing websites online for in-depth studies that involve the Multiple Intelligences, Math, Social Studies, and Science. 

         We promise to work very hard to help our gifted students learn through having new experiences and enjoying success this school year. We want to make this the best school year our gifted students have ever had, so we are looking forward to an exciting and wonderful experience. 


    Mrs. Pittman, Gifted Support Teacher

    Fairview Elementary

    Henry County Schools