• Tips for Success


    Be independent and get organized!! 

    1.     Take notes in class that you can review later.  You must be able to read it and understand what it means.

    2.    Record homework in your agenda or on your device.  If you don’t, you may forget when its due.

    3.    Study regularly 5 nights per week for 20 minutes. Ex. Sunday-Thursday. (Take a break on the weekend unless you are behind.)


    4.    Read out loud what you are studying; this helps the brain learn 10% faster and retain the information 10% longer.

    5.    Use different colored high lighters to trace over different facts you are studying. Studies have shown attaching two or more colors to what you study helps the brain learn it faster and retain it longer. This is why I use different colored cardboard sheets for the 25/5 group vocabulary teaching activity.


    6.    Keep an organized notebook. You will be responsible for maintaining an Interactive Language Arts notebook as well as reference pages to be kept in your binder.

    7.    Take the time to put the sheets you receive in class in your binder. It is typical behavior for unsuccessful middle school students to fail to do this and leave their sheets in the desk or on the floor. You can not study nor turn in that which you have left behind.

    8.    Write your name, class period and the date on every sheet or assignment you have as soon as you can. Do not wait to do this later, because you will forget and turn it in without a name and not get credit until it is discovered, whose work it was.   

    9.    Always bring multiple pens and pencils to class to ensure that you have something with which to write.

    10.  Check your supplies (paper, pencils & etc.) daily before going home so that you can know if you need to stock up and stock up before going to bed, because in the morning you might forget.


Last Modified on July 31, 2016