• Flippen Elementary General Music Syllabus


    Teacher Information

    Mrs. Kimberly Lott, Flippen 770-954-3522, Kimberly.lott@henry.k12.ga.us  Please email for conference availability.

    Course Description

    Welcome to music class! I am looking forward to working with each one of you this year. The general music course is a mandatory performance-based class. In general music, students will actively sing a variety of songs, play on classroom instruments, and incorporate a variety of movement into the curriculum. Students will learn how to read basic rhythms and pitches. Students will listen to and perform diverse music genres from various composers and regions. In the remote setting, we will use digital resources to complete learning targets. These resources can be reached through Google Classroom.

    Student Learning Objectives

    Students will read and notate music for practice and performance. Students will listen, analyze, and describe music in relationship to other art forms (i.e. dance and drama) and other core subject matter (i.e. science and math). Students will also understand music in its connection to history and culture.