• Welcome to Coach Abbott's Web Page
    Teacher Name: Rob Abbott
    School Email Address: george.abbott@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subject: Physical Education
    GREETINGS! My name is Rob Abbott and I will be your students' gym teacher this year at Fairview. I look forward to an exciting year of learning the importance of consistent physical education. My hope is that the healthy habits we learn in the gym will transfer to a lifetime of healthy habits for your student. We will be working on many skills, standards and competencies throughout the year; but my focus will be on providing a safe environment for kids to exercise and have fun. 
    Safety - #1 rule in the gym is stay safe.
    Kindness - students must be kind.
    Effort - the expectation is that student put forth their best effort at all times in the gym.
    Respect - students will respect people and property.
    Directions - following directions is essential to have fun and stay safe.
    The Basics
    -Workout Skills
    Station Skills:
    1 - Hula Hoops 
    2 - Volleying
    3 - Throwing and Catching
    4 - Basketball - dribbling, passing, shooting and Striking
    5 - Movement - dance, gymnastics, balance
    6 - Health and Fitness - BAMFIT - Brain Train
    7 - Climbing Corner and Cups
    8 - Soccer - dribbling, passing, shooting
    -Freeze Tag
    -Star Wars
    -Pin Down
    -Hula Hut Throwdown
    Sport Units:
    -Field Day Preliminaries
    Students that misbehave will receive 3 strikes in class before parental contact is initiated.
    1 - warning - verbal correction of behavior
    2 - time out - students sits out for age appropriate time bc of behavior
    3 - boot camp - students goes to boot camp area and can no longer paricipate with the class
    4 - parental contact - note home
    If a student receives a note home they must return it signed to participate in PE the following week.
    If a student receives two notes home they will receive a write up.
    Students may be written up immediately if the behavior requires it.
    Please provide a note and/or doctor's note if you do not want your student to participate in PE. I will allow students to sit out when needed without a note, but if it happens consistently I will contact the parent to discuss the situation.
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