Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself

      Never give up

      Include others

      Give your best everyday

      Have work completed

      Talk only at appropriate times and places

      Show respect for yourself and others at all times

    • Every month teachers will tally points for their students. Students can earn 5 points a day. They can also lose five points a day. It is more positive to refer to them earning points. The consequences are as follows: warning, 10 minutes off recess or ½ of recess, miss all of recess, timeout in another classroom and phone call to parent, and office referral. To earn Fun Friday, a student must earn 85% of the month’s points. Students are not penalized for being absent as part of the discipline program. If a student misses days, the percentage needed for Fun Friday is 85% of their days present at school for that month.

    • Homework counts as one point daily. If students are missing multiple assignments, then they still only lose one point. Students that are missing homework will be required to stay inside with a teacher in their grade level and complete their missing homework assignments. Getting an agenda, bee book, or other teacher designated parent communication tool signed IS part of homework and the expectation is that it must be signed daily.

    • Daily notes will be sent home to parents in agendas noting loss of point(s).

    • Fun Fridays will be devised by each grade level and occur the last Friday of the month from 1:30-dismissal. The students that do not earn Fun Friday will come to the cafeteria and work on goal setting and/or work sent by teachers with administrators, counselor, and other school personnel.

    • At any time it is up to the teacher to determine if a student’s action warrants skipping consequences and resulting in an automatic office referral.Students may get points taken from our media specialist, paraprofessionals on duty, specials teachers, lunchroom staff, and staff on duty during morning room and bus dismissal. Students should be on their best behavior at all times