• The syllabus for your course must be completed in order to obtain the credit for the course and will be delivered via the Odesseyware online learning platform.  You can access it through the link provided by the EXCEL website. Direct instruction may be but is not limited to the following:  one-on-one teaching, small groups, workshops, closed whole groups sessions.  Also, please be aware that although Odysseyware has a very thoroughly packaged curriculum, as a teacher I must ensure that this course complies with the standards the state of Georgia mandates that we follow. 
    Remember it is very important to communicate with  me as you're working through the curriculum, especially when you are at home.  Call me or e-mail based on the contact information I provided in my bio page.
    Course Information and/or Requirements:
    • I expect you to read through all selections, exercises, quizzes, etc. I also expect you to take advantage of all media that is contained within the course.
    • Maintain an organized binder for notes, handouts, etc. – This may be checked at any time you are present in class.
    • As you read, listen, watch, etc. you should be taking notes in your notebook. At the end of the semester your notebook will serve as a great review tool for your exam/EOCT!!!
    • You only have one attempt per quiz/test—no automatic resets!!!  If you don't pass a quiz, you will be locked out of progressing any further until you do some enrichment work and turn it in to me via e-mail or in person.  The enrichment work will be factored into your failing quiz grade.  However, there is no guarantee that this work will be enough to bring it up to a passing grade.
    • All quizzes/tests are “closed book”. This means you are unable to access the course material while you are testing.
    • HOWEVER, you may use your notes/notebook.
    • Keep up with due dates and don’t fall behind!!!
    • Be sure to check announcements on the Odysseyware homepage.  These announcements enable us to communicate with you while you're at home.  However, they don't do you any good if you aren't reading them.

Last Modified on July 26, 2016