Georgia High School Graduation Requirements

    English Language Arts

    4 credits


    One English class in each year of high school, including ^American Literature/Composition (11th grade) and ^Ninth-Grade Literature and Composition.


    4 credits

    GSE Algebra, GSE Geometry, GSE Algebra II and Pre-Calculus/Advanced Math Decision Making

    *Honors GSE Geometry, GSE Algebra II and Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus/AP Statistics (accelerated students) 


    4 credits

    ^Biology, Physical Science or Physics, Environmental Science/Earth Systems/Chemistry and one additional science course of choice.
    (See the Advisement Guide for Choices.)

    Social Studies

    3 credits

    World History, ^United States History, United States Government (1 semester)
    and ^Economics (1 semester)

    Career, Technical and  Agricultural Education


    3 credits


    Students must earn 3 credits, in any combination, from these three curriculum areas.

    Students planning to attend a 4-year college or university immediately after high school must earn a minimum of 2 credits in a modern language.


    Students who plan to continue a technical program of study at a technical college after high school are encouraged to take at least 3 credits in a single CTAE career pathway.

    Fine Arts

    Modern Language

    Health and Physical Education

    1 credit

    ½ credit per course. Each course is one semester in length. Typically taken in the 9th grade.


    4 credits

    Electives can be taken in any curriculum area.
    Students planning to attend a 4-year college or university are encouraged to take at least 2 electives from academic curriculum areas.



    23 credits