3/29 Update

    Field Trip Assignments


     3/22/20 Make sure you: (BY FRIDAY)

    NOT TAKING EXAM: I will be checking your Google slides for 15 works this week (along with progress and reflections).

    TAKING EXAM: I will check the AP webpage for your works. All 15 should be uploaded by Friday, the entire essay should be complete, and lastly you need to fill out the section where you pick 5 artworks (18X24 or smaller) to submit for quality.

    Look Here for updates every day!

    3/13/20: Friday

    Students should have posted your google slide to me as of today


    You are to work on your concentration making updates every day. I will check for updates!

    Look back here daily for other assignments. 

    3/16/20 If submitting a portfolio I will check your artwork online daily. 




    Welcome to AP Studio Art. This class will focus on a college level portfolio building experience.  This page will be your resource and guide for this class. Please refer back here often for changes and updates. 

    AP Studio Art 2016-17


    Syllabus & Pacing Guide