Ola High School - Student Advisory
    Mr. Fenn
    Who?  Impact Academy students from Ola High School with 3 or more online courses.  
    How?  I seek to provide weekly support to students through emails, phone calls, and meetings, facilitate communication with the counselors at OHS, and foster good relations with students and parents.  My goal is that every OHS student will pass all of their Impact Academy courses by staying on pace and seeking help from their teachers.  
    Communication:  One of the key components of a successful advisory program is communication.  I use the following methods to keep students and parents informed:
    1.  Email - it is vitally important that you read your emails through the SIS system, rather than in your personal 'Inbox'.  Many messages get marked as 'spam', especially when they are sent to a group.  
    2.  Phone Calls - I am not a bill collector.  I care about the students and their progress, and I will periodically call parent or student phone numbers to check on things, especially when they fall behind pace.  
    3.  Student-Parent Meetings - sometimes, it is necessary to meet face-to-face, to create an action plan to complete online coursework in a timely manner.  Teachers may also be involved with these meetings.  
    4.  Cafe' - IA teachers are available for help every Monday and Wednesday.  OHS students must check in and out with me during their visit with us.  
    5.  Webinar - this virtual meeting is a way to facilitate student or parent questions, and to help students navigate their online course schedule in a manageable way, especially when they have fallen behind.  Mr. Fenn's Webinar
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