Moving Truck


    If you have moved, please update your address with the school system by providing the following proofs of residency:


    1. A)  A lease or rental agreement, AND 2 current utility bills (electric or gas ONLY)


    1. B)   OR A current residential property tax statement or deed, AND2 current utilities. (electric or gas ONLY)


    1. C)    OR A third-person affidavit of residency completed by the school system. The notarized affidavit shall be completed and signed by the parent/guardian, as well as the legal owner of the property where the student and parent/guardian reside. The affidavit will be in effect until the parent/guardian provides the required proof of residence, unless otherwise stated and no longer than the end of the current school year.



    ***Affidavits of Residency are obtained through the Central Office at 33 N. Zack Hinton Parkway

    McDonough, GA 30253