Do you know how to see a Counselor? If not let me help.

  • Any student can request to meet with the school counselor or they can be referred by a teacher, administrator, any staff member or parent.


    Students: Any student who wishes to speak with the school counselor is encouraged to do so.  Students can fill out the “I Need to See the Counselor” pass, leave a note in the mailbox outside my office. Passes are available from any staff member and in the front office. There is also a link that can be used to access either of the Counselors.


    Student Request to See School Counselor


    Parents: When referring a student you may email or call the Counseling Office to make a referral or to set up a meeting to discuss your concerns. You can also feel free to complete the link below to access me.  


    Teachers and Staff: must complete a school counselor referral sheet and drop it in the inbox outside of my office door, you may send an email or complete the link below. 


    Teacher Request to See School Counselor


    **Please note-- if your referral is an urgent matter call the Main office at 770-914-1889 to ensure that the information is received in a timely manner. 


    Kindest Regards,

    Your Caring Counselor