Be Healthy - Eat Well, Live Well

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!!!

  • Many visits to the Clinic for morning tummy aches and headaches can be prevented by making sure your child eats breakfast before comming to school or in the Cafeteria after arriving!

    Children who eat breakfast have a better attitude and alertness throughout the day!

     Eating Breakfast

    Breakfast does not have to be a full cooked course with bacon, eggs and toast!  Use some of the suggestions below if you are pressed for time in the mornings.  These are 'grab and go' items but be sure to check the labels and choose the healthy higher protien and lower sugar items.

    • Pre-Bottled Instant Breakfast Shakes

    • Granola or Cereial Bars / Baked Breakfast 'Cookies' / baggie filled with Healthy Dry Cereial

    • On-the-Go Squeezable Yogurt Packs

    • Fresh Fruit - Bananna / Orange / Apple or any other Healthy Whole Fruit choice


    Eating Breakfast Helps:


    1. Provide Food Energy for the Body - Energy needed for Morning's Active Work!
    2. Provide Food Energy for the Brain - Needed for Sharper, Clearer Thinking and Alertness!
    3. Provide a Sense of Well-Being and Overall Good Health - Helps Eiminate Morning Stomach and Head Aches!


    Empty Stomach

    Not Eating Can Cause:


    1. Low Blood Sugar / Low Energy
    2. Fuzzy Thinking / Mental Fatigue
    3. Morning Stomach and Head Aches



    The New Hope Cafeteria offers breakfast at school daily from 7:15am - 7:40am

    If you plan for your child to eat breakfast at school, please arrive with enough time for the  student to eat and report to class by 7:45 am


    School Breakfast and Lunch Menus are available on the Henry County School District Web Page


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Last Modified on April 15, 2021