Helpful Social Studies Links

     The Georgia Performance Standards for Social Studies can be found here


    • MapMaker - Improve your map skills     
    • Maps Explained - This website goes more in-depth while explaining maps

    Native American cultures

    European Exploration


    • Quizlet Study Guide - Colonial terms
    • Map - Learn where the colonies are, what states they consisted of, and what landmarks were in the colonies   
    • Colonial Chart - More information about the colonies in a neat chart
    • Colonies - This webpage gives various links so that you can explore more in-depth on the colonies. It has pictures, charts, and documents.
    • Life in New England - Takes you on an adventure to experience life in the 'olden' days. 
    • Colonies  - Class Notes
    • Colony Vocabulary - Class Notes


    Other Social Studies Links

    • American History - An interactive timeline of our Nation's history
    • brainpop.com
    • pebblego.com
    • galileo.com
    • kidrex.org
    • kiddle.co
    • hmh resources on chromebooks