• Welcome to Mrs. Smith's Class!
    Teacher Name: Lorri Smith
    School Email Address: lorri.smith@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: Georgia Studies & Language Arts
    Wormsloe Historic Site
    Welcome to 8th Grade Georgia Studies & Language Arts!

    I'm Mrs. Smith, and I'll be navigating you through an exploration of Georgia's history, government, geography, and economics.  Our state has a captivating, rich, and culturally diverse history that covers topics from the early Native Americans through the 1996 Olympic Games.  You will learn about our state's government, its development over time, and how it functions.  You will also learn about what is and isn't legal for you as a juvenile.  The geography of our state and its economic advantages is also a topic of study, as well as basic economic principles.

    In Language Arts we will be preparing you for the 8th grade writing test as well as the Milestones by giving you opportunities to practie those skills that will prepare you for college and your future career.  We will  be focusing on grammar, writing skills, and reading.  We will be writing in class almost every day, and students WILL have homework on a regular basis.

    Please contact me at any time.  It is my policy to try and respond within 24 hours, but rest assured I will get back with you as soon as I can.