1.      A Beautiful Mind (schizophrenia)

    2.      A Clockwork Orange (aversion therapy, psychotic behavior)

    3.      As Good as it Gets (personality disorders)

    4.      Awakenings (psychopathology, treatment)

    5.      Black Swan (personality disorder)

    6.      Born on the Fourth of July (PTSD)

    7.      Cast Away (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)

    8.      Fatal Attraction (personality disorder)

    9.      Fight Club (dissociative identity disorder)

    10.  Full Metal Jacket (PTSD)

    11.  Girl, Interrupted (treatment, personality disorder)

    12.  Good Will Hunting (treatment, anxiety & personality disorder)

    13.  Shutter Island (treatment disorders)

    14.  Lars & the Real Girl (personality disorders)

    15.  Memento (memory loss)

    16.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (treatment, disorders)

    17.  Taxi Driver (personality disorder)

    18.  The Aviator (anxiety & personality disorder)

    19.  The Shining (psychopathology)

    20.  The Silence of the Lambs (psychopathology. Personality disorders)

    (Clearly, there are many, many more films that could be included in this list. I couldn’t include them all, obviously--these are some of the best and/or most intriguing.)

    DISCLAIMER: these films may be rated R for language, nudity or violence. Some are very disturbing or strange. Discretion is advised.


    1.      Your film reviews MUST BE TYPED. I WILL NOT accept hand-written reviews!

    2.      The reviews are due the day of your final exam (or earlier, if you like).

    3.      You must watch FIVE films for a test grade. You are limited to TWO test grades (eg., ten films total). These will be entered with a weight of zero in order to count as pure extra credit points.

    4.     For EACH film, you must:

             a. Summarize the plot/characters, etc. IN YOUR OWN WORDS (1/2 page)

             b. Explain how the film is related to psychology, using appropriate terminology

             c. Give your opinion of the film: like/didn’t like and why/why not