•  Woodland High School Students Attend 2017 AATSP-GA Spanish Immersion Camp

    AATSP-GA Spanish Immersion Camp is a weekend where students from around the State of Georgia gather for a unique immersion learning experience. The 2017 Spanish Immersion Camp took place March 17-19. Spanish Immersion Camp is sponsored by Georgia's Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

    Woodland High School Spanish students arrived at camp after school on Friday, March 17 to begin their work on developing global competencies in a total immersion setting.  Students spent the weekend in their designated family, led by an adult volunteer who was a Spanish teacher or professor, participating in workshops in Spanish.  Pledging to speak only in Spanish, students sang, danced, created art, played sports and games, listened to, and spoke in Spanish all weekend as they also worked on developing World Language and 21st century competencies.  Within their family, students created a family banner, a family chant, and prepared an original skit to perform for their parents when they came to pick them up midday on Sunday, March 19. 

    On Friday night students enjoyed a bonfire, made S’mores, and sang songs in Spanish--both traditional and pop.  On Saturday evening, students participated in Carnaval, including dances that they learned throughout the Saturday workshops and participated in a competition for best outfit representing the Spanish-speaking world.  Before leaving on Sunday, recognitions and honors were received as well as the family chants and dramas performed.  Students also received a tee-shirt, as pictured in the photo below. Congratulations Woodland High School students for participating in the Spanish Immersion Camp to continue your work on developing global and cultural competencies.

    Spanish IC  Spanish IC 2


    Union Grove High School German Student Selected to Receive National Award

    The Henry County Schools World Languages Department is excited to announce that Kyle Carden, German student at Union Grove High School has won the National German Award sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and a trip to travel to Germany this summer with forty-four excelling students after receiving outstanding scores of 99th percentile Level 2 on the National German Exam for High School students and competing at the National level with 20,000 German students being evaluated through a writing and interview process. Kyle’s teacher is Ms. Rita Prescott, German Teacher and World Languages Department Chair for Union Grove High School. 

    On a letter sent to Kyle, the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) stated: "Congratulations! You have been selected as a recipient of the AATG/Pädagogischer Austauschdienst Study Trip Award to Germany! Your application stood out among the many strong applications from across the nation. The selection committee found your achievements quite outstanding and was particularly impressed with your enthusiasm for German."  
    On behalf of the Henry County Schools World Languages Department, Congratulations Kyle and Ms. Prescott on this outstanding achievement!
    UGHS German National Award  
    Great Authentic Learning happening in the World Languages Personalized Learning classrooms at Stockbridge High School and Hampton High School
    Stockbridge High School, Ms. Plummer: Outstanding Project-Based Learning opportunity for Spanish students at Stockbridge High School as they created Comic Strips based on the book “Pobre Ana” and visited elementary school students at Cotton Indian elementary. Spanish students from Ms. Plummer’s high school class read the story to a group of 5th grade students in Spanish and also acted out each scene within a Chapter of “Probre Ana” to captivate the 5th grader’s attention. Students used their Comic Strip to help convey meaning. Congratulations to Mrs. Plummer and her amazing Spanish students! What a fantastic experience for the elementary and high school students.

    Hampton High School, Ms. Tornero, Ms. Gutierrez, and Ms. Santiago: Hampton High School Spanish teachers are doing an outstanding job implementing Personalized Learning and Competency-Based Learning as a department. From creating and sharing templates that reflect our competencies and learning targets to developing performance-based assessments, to providing students with authentic learning at its best, Hampton Spanish teachers are leading the way as a cohort 1 school. Ms. Tornero’s students recently attended a Flamenco Dance studio, investigated the meaning of the Day of the Dead as they compared it to American celebrations through choice activities, and also are experiencing success with Blended Learning and Rosetta Stone. Ms. Santiago’s students investigated traditional Latin music and dancing as well as created seasons and weather products, and Ms. Gutierrez’ students discussed healthy eating habits in Spanish while also sharing a healthy breakfast meal together. Excellent collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication taking place in the Spanish classes at Hampton High School. Congratulations Ms. Tornero, Ms. Gutierrez, and Ms. Santiago! 

    Congratulations to our two 2016 World Language Governor's Honors Program Finalists from Union Grove High School and Woodland High School
    Please join us in congratulating two outstanding Spanish students that will be representing Henry County Schools this summer 2016 at the Governor's Honors Program at Valdosta State University. Both students excel with World Language skills and we are so proud of their amazing teachers Mrs. Katherine Barrett of Union Grove High School and Mrs. Linda Chinn of Woodland High School for working so hard to ensure the success of each student.
    Congratulations to our amazing teachers and students on this great achievement for World Languages!
     UGHS GHP      WHS GHP
    Union Grove High School German Student recognized for scoring in 95% percentile on National German Exam, March 2016 
    Congratulations to Union Grove High School student, Cameren Lofton, who scored in the 95th percentile on the National German Exam and qualified to compete for the PAD Travel Award, a study trip to Germany. Cameren applied, interviewed on March 12, and was selected as the Georgia nominee. Her application has been forwarded to the national office of AATG. Cameren's German teacher, Ms. Rita Prescott and the World Languages Department at Union Grove High are anxiously awaiting the results.  Ms. Prescott should find out the results in late March or early April and share the good news with the Henry County Schools World Languages Department and the Community.
    We are so proud of Cameren and Ms. Prescott!
    German student UGHS