• July 2, 2018 The rental reservations link is now available.

    Rental clients may submit reservations for use of the Performing Arts Center from September 2022, through June 30, 2023. Please complete the reservation request at the end of this page. 


    July 2022 - August 2023


     Rental reservation requests for 2022-23
    (July 2022 - August 2023)
    will be accepted beginning on July 2, 2022, at 9:00 a.m.
    The minimum reservation time for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday rentals in May and June will be seven (7) hours per day. 

    Important information is presented below. Please carefully review all information before continuing the reservation process and accessing the online reservation form at the bottom of this page.


    The Henry County Performing Arts Center is owned and operated by the Henry County School System. Henry County school organizations have first priority in scheduling space at the PAC during a designated period each year. Selected remaining dates are available to non-school clients.



    In order to avoid any misunderstanding regarding dates & times, all requests for reservations must be submitted in writing. The preferred method of submitting reservation requests will be via an electronic form available on this web page. Paper forms may also be requested by phone, email or postal mail. All reservation requests not submitted via the online form must be mailed to the PAC. Phone, fax and walk-in reservations will not be accepted. Please submit one form for each event.


    Due to the high demand for use of the Performing Arts Center, clients are encouraged to include alternate dates. Dates for all clients are subject to facility, resource and personnel availability. State or locally mandated school system closures due to budgetary issues may affect availability of the PAC. No availability is implied or guaranteed. In the event a mandated closure, every effort will be made to reschedule the program to a mutually agreeable date. In the event of such cancellation by the Board, all lease fees paid by the contracting organization will be prorated and refunded, when rescheduling is not possible.


    Other items for consideration include:

    • Allowing adequate setup & breakdown time in your request, including time for vendors, videographers, etc. Vendors will not be admitted prior to your arranged access time. Vendors, participants and/or attendees remaining in the facility beyond your arranged time will result in additional fees.
    • Per Local Policy KG, the Henry County Board of Education makes no guarantees regarding availability of dates.
    • Certain dates may be reserved for facility maintenance, custodial services or institutional holidays. The PAC is generally closed during official school holiday periods.
    • No long-term, regularly scheduled, recurring events will be booked.
    • The Performing Arts Center shall not be used in such a manner as to cause harm to the image or reputation of the Henry County Board of Education. No activity may be conducted in such a manner as to indicate the approval or imprimatur of the Henry County Board of Education for the program or mission of any outside organization. (LBOE Policy KG)



    The person listed as the event contact will receive an acknowledgment when the reservation request submission is received. If the requested date(s) and alternates are not available, other opportunities may be offered, if available. Availability of personnel and facility resources to ensure a successful production, while maintaining the integrity of the facility, will be considered in all reservation requests.


    The Performing Arts Center Supervisor is the individual responsible for all PAC scheduling and resolution of scheduling conflicts.



    The Henry County Board of Education approved a revision of Policy KG – Use of Facilities, at the regular monthly meeting in April 2009. This revision standardized the policy language for all school facilities and included an increase for use of all facilities, including the Performing Arts Center.
    Non-Profit Organizations       $75/hr (setup, breakdown & rehearsal)
                                                $100/hr (performance time)
    Commercial Organizations    $90/hr (setup, breakdown & rehearsal)
                                                 $150/hr (performance time)
    Minimum daily rental term is three hours. The minimum reservation period for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday rentals in May and June 2022 will be seven (7) hours per day. Additional fees may be applied for any necessary technical, custodial or security personnel, PAC-supplied expendables/consumables, and use of certain equipment or decorative items. Please see below and inquire for specifics.
    Stage, house (audience seating area), lobby, dressing rooms & orchestra pit, as needed
    Tables and chairs from available on-site stock
    Standard stage lighting and sound with wired microphones
    Standard stage curtains 
    Facility supervisor or house manager representing Henry County Schools
    Speaker's lectern with microphone
    Stage, lighting and sound technicians ($25 per hour per technician, three-hour minimum call)
    Weekend custodial or additional custodians for quick turn-arounds ($18 per hour per custodian)
    Security (School Resource Officer), if required ($40 per hour per officer, four hour minimum)
    Wireless Microphones ($10 per pack + liability assumed as stated in rental contract for repair or replacement at current prevailing cost)
    Video Projectors - $100 (click here to learn more about projection system)
    Decorative columns - 8 foot white ($5 each)
    Decorative white voile curtains ($100 complete package - additional labor may be required depending on configuration)
    Per piece (8) - 21 feet high x 9 feet wide ($10 each) 
    Per piece (2) - 30 feet high x 27 feet wide ($25 each)
    LED star drop - (two) 26 feet wide x 21 feet high, total width 52 feet with electronic controllers ($100)
    Light curtain - white, twinkle lights, 50 feet wide x 18 feet high - ($60 - additional labor may be required depending on configuration)
    Yamaha C7 Grand Piano ($150 tuning fee)
    Pipe & Drape, full package ($80 - less than full package rate negotiable)
    Hazer, includes fluid ($50)
    Fog Machine, includes fluid ($50)
    Bubble Machine, includes fluid ($25)
    24-inch mirror ball with motor ($50)


    • Lease agreements will be issued in a timely manner following final agreement upon dates & times requested in the reservation request.
    • An official authorized to enter into contractual agreements for your organization must sign the contracts. Following receipt of signed contracts, a countersigned copy will be returned for your records. Failure to return contracts within the specified time could result in loss of your reservation.
    • Lease agreements are due along with at least a 1/3 deposit of the total estimated event charges by the due date listed in the rental agreement. The due date is approximately 10 business days after the date the agreements are mailed from the PAC.
    • If lease agreements (all three copies) and the deposit are not received by the due date, the reservation on hold will be released for use by others. Re-issuance of a set of contracts will require payment of an additional $25 fee.
    • Payment of the estimated event charges is due no later than 30 days prior to first occupancy of the facility. Fees for additional time, labor, rental items and/or consumables will be billed and are due at the conclusion of the event.



    Board Policy KG (Use of School Facilities) was revised on August 12, 2013, in order to conform with a state law enacted by passage of HB 382. The law requires any individual, group or organization utilizing public school facilities to provide and maintain a $1-million liability insurance policy for the duration of the contracted use of the facility. The adopted policy reads of follows.
    All users of the Performing Arts Center shall agree to maintain and provide proof of a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance coverage applicable to the use of the facility and said liability insurance coverage must be effective for the duration of the lessees’ use of the facility and for the duration of the agreement between the lessee and Henry County School District and Henry County Board of Education as required by O.C.G.A. § 50-1-52.
    A certificate naming the Henry County Board of Education as an additional insured on the policy must be provided with the deposit and lease agreement. If proof of insurance is not provided, the lease agreement will be considered null and void.

    Should it become necessary to cancel a scheduled date, notify the PAC supervisor as soon as possible. Cancellation of your reservation will result in forfeiture of all deposits.



    A waiting list database will be maintained when requested dates are not available. Should a date become available, it will be filled from this database, when possible.



    Performing Arts Center, South, Operations Manager - Jessica Hanthorn

    Email – jessica.hanthorn@henry.k12.ga.us

    Phone - 770-914-7477

    FAX - 770-914-5760


    Mailing Address
    Henry County Performing Arts Center, South
    37 Lemon Street
    McDonough, GA 30253
    Performing Arts Center, North, Operations Manager - Reed Lukat
    Email - reed.lukat@henry.k12.ga.us
    Phone - 470-471-6899
    Mailing Address
    Henry County Performing Arts Center, North
    544 Fairview Road
    Stockbridge, GA 30281


    The event sponsor is responsible for any damage caused by the event's cast, crew, participants, merchandisers, concessionaires and/or audience members.

    Organizations requesting non-profit rates may be required to submit a copy of their state-issued certificate to verify 501(c)(3) status
    Effective July 1, 2010, glitter in any form is prohibited in the Performing Arts Center. This includes, but is not limited to, costumes, props, set pieces, signs, furniture, concessions items, and cosmetic glitter. This material is extremely difficult to remove from carpets, seating, and stage curtains. Violations will be assessed an additional $250 cleaning fee. Please make sure your performers are aware that this does include cosmetic glitter.

    Fire exits may not be blocked at any time for any reason. Props, set pieces, costumes and other items must be kept clear of doorways and pathways leading to exits marked with illuminated signs. Doors marked with exit signs may not be blocked open, except doors which have installed electric or electromagnetic holds that automatically release doors in the event of power failure or fire alarm. Mullions between doors must be left in place except for brief periods necessary to transport over size loads. It is a violation of fire code to tape open or over door latches on marked emergency exits. Foam, tape, cardboard or other materials cannot be placed in door frames in an attempt to keep doors from making noise when they close. If noise from door hardware is a concern, actors, dancers, stage crew and other backstage participants should be instructed how to slowly close & latch doors as they pass through.

    The drive in front of the PAC is designated as a one-way street with diagonal parking spaces adjacent to the parking lot. The curb nearest the PAC is marked as a no-parking fire lane the entire length of the drive along the PAC and Henry County High. Cars parked in the fire lane are subject to ticketing and/or towing.

    Maximum capacity for the dressing rooms has been confirmed at 53 people (total), according to fire code regulations. Should your cast exceed this number, they must be on stage, in the wings, lobby, audience seating area or outside the building, weather permitting. Overflow dressing space may be available in the orchestra pit. Temporary dressing space cannot be created in any area marked as an emergency exit. Please plan your event so that proper flow can be maintained through the dressing spaces without violating fire code.

    Space in wings available for temporary storage of set, props or cast and crew waiting to go on stage varies, depending on the production and event schedule. A minimum three-foot clear pathway must be maintained in the wings at all times and all pathways to marked emergency exits must always be clear. For additional information, please contact the PAC Supervisor.

    In order to maintain the facility in an attractive condition, we do not allow food or drinks (except bottled water) anywhere in the building, with few exceptions by permission. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain this state, as cast, crew and audience members have ignored our request and posted signage, prohibiting food and drinks. Your lease agreement contains provisions for additional charges and/or loss of use of the facility for prohibited actions. Additional charges may be assessed for extra cleaning services, repair or replacement of carpeting, seating or other items and/or furnishings damaged by food and drink spills. Your front of house personnel (ticket sellers, ushers, etc.) should actively ask patrons to finish any food or drinks outside the building. If permission is given for your event to offer food concessions, all sale and consumption must take place outside the building. You must inform and enforce the "no food or drinks" policy with your cast, crew or other backstage and lobby staff. Bottled water is permitted in the building at any time, but should not be consumed or stored near sensitive equipment. If you are unable or unwilling to enforce this provision of your lease agreement, we can supply one or more police officers at your expense, given sufficient notice. Currently, this fee is $40 per officer, per hour.

    Part-time custodial help is required for weekend events and additional charges are assessed to cover this expense. Be aware that short turn-around times between events may require additional labor, resulting in additional charges.

    You are expected to start your event at the advertised and contracted time. In certain instances, the event may be delayed due to technical problems beyond control. PAC staff will work with with you to resolve any technical problem of ours or yours as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our tremendous growth over the years, Henry County always has traffic congestion, so that's rarely a valid reason to delay the start of an event. Don't penalize the people in the audience who planned ahead to arrive on time, by waiting for those who show up late.
    DATES OF NOTE  FOR 2022-2023 
    • HCS closed July 4 - July 8, 2022
    • PAC reserved for school system meetings (July 18 - July 29)
    • First day of School - August 2, 2022
    • HCS closed Sept 5, 2022
    • Fall Break - Sept 19-23, 2022 
    • Professional Learning (Early Release Day) - Oct 14, 2022 (PAC open)
    • Professional Learning (students out) - Nov 8, 2022 (PAC open)
    • Thanksgiving Break - Nov 21-25, 2022 (PAC closed Nov 23-25)
    • Semester Break - Dec 22, 2022 - Jan 6, 2023 (PAC closed Dec 22-Jan 4)
    • Professional Learning (students out) - Jan 5-6, 2023 (PAC open)
    • 1st day of 2nd semester - Jan 9, 2023
    • MLK Holiday (HCS closed) - Jan 16, 2023 
    • Winter Break - Feb 20-24, 2023 (PAC closed Feb 18-20, 2023)
    • Professional Learning (early release) - Mar 10,2023 (PAC open)
    • Spring Break - April 3-7, 2023 (PAC closed April 1-April 9)
    • Last day of school - May 26, 2023 (PAC reserved for graduation activities)
    • Memorial Day weekend - (PAC closed May 27-29)
    • PAC reserved for school system meetings (May 30 - June 2)
    • Every weekend in June 2023 will be available

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your planned use of the Performing Arts Center, please contact Jessica Hanthorn at jessica.hanthorn@henry.k12.ga.us or by calling 770-914-7477, or Reed Lukat at reed.lukat@henry.k12.ga.us or by calling 470-471-6899. 

    Click here for reservation request.

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