• Luella High School

    Prom 2016

    Saturday, April 2nd


     8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

    Dancing with the Dinosaurs


    ·         Only Luella High School Juniors or Seniors may purchase Prom tickets. Ticket purchaser may purchase no more than 2 Prom tickets.

    ·         If a Prom attendee is NOT a current Luella High School student, she/he must complete a Non-Luella Student Assurance application and have it signed by the appropriate school principal (if a high school student) or the student’s parent (if the attendee is not in high school).

    o   Along with the Assurance form, a copy of the attendee’s valid Georgia Driver’s license or official school identification card must be returned with the form before a ticket can be purchased.

    ·         Ticket purchaser must present official LHS school identification card or valid Georgia Driver’s license.

    ·         All prom attendees must be between the ages of 14 – 20.




    Ticket Purchase Information:

    ·         There will be 3 phases of ticket sales for Prom 2016:

    o   Pre-Sale: tickets purchased at lunches February 11 – 12. Ticket price is $95.00

    o   Regular Sale: tickets purchased at lunches March 1, 2 & 3. Ticket price is $110.00

    o   Late Sale: tickets purchased at lunches March 10, 11, & 15. The ticket price is $130.00

    ·         No tickets will be sold after March 15.

    Please note: NO refunds will be given after ticket(s) is/are purchased.

    Prom Applications:

    ·         Each Luella student buying a ticket or attending Prom 2016 as someone’s date will complete a Prom 2016 Ticket application PRIOR to purchasing Prom ticket (s). The application must be completed ahead of time and requires a parent signature.

    o   NO prom tickets will be sold without a completed Prom 2016 Ticket application or Non-Luella Student Assurance form. 

    ·         Tickets must be purchased using cash or online PayPal service, which will be linked off of the Luella homepage beginning February 11.

    o   For Prom 2016 tickets paid for on PayPal, tickets are NOT valid without Prom 2016 Ticket application and/or Non-Luella Student Assurance form, as needed.

    Please note that both the Prom 2016 Ticket application and the Non-Luella Student Assurance form will be posted online no later than Saturday, February 6.

    All Prom 2016 attendees are bound by the Henry County Schools and Luella High School Student Disciplinary Code, as outlined in the 2015 – 2016 Student Handbook.

    Since this is a night of Dancing with the Dinosaurs, the LHS Dress Code will provide a guideline for appropriate dress.

    ·         The expectation for all attendees is that she/he is dressed appropriately for a formal occasion and is not immodest in her/his appearance.

    ·         Mr. Smith, LHS principal, does reserve the right to not allow students into to or to remain at Prom 2016, if the individual is dressed inappropriately.

    If an individual is not admitted or is asked to leave Prom 2016, no refunds will be given.


Last Modified on March 3, 2016